Kitchen Cabinet 2016 calendar launch

Kitchen Cabinet 2016 calendar launch

This week we launch the 2016 calendar of Kitchen Cabinet feasts at the National Arboretum Canberra, bringing to Canberrans the best of local seasonal produce.

We are crossing our fingers for fantastic weather – this year the calendar will include the first ever foray into the forests of the National Arboretum Canberra. Inspired by the food forests and spectacular landscapes, the focus is on organic and biodynamic produce, heirloom meats, seasonal vegetables and fruits, and sustainable sea and fresh water foods.

First up is a magical evening on 24 February amongst the fig forest, in the midst of its first harvest, for delicious figgy delights. Guests will be joined by Adam Burgess, Horticulture Manager at the National Arboretum Canberra, to talk about the figs and the other food forests of the Arboretum.

This will be followed by an indigenous flavoured lunch on Canberra Day, and a celebration of Spring in November, both held outside in the Discovery Garden.

During the cooler months expect whimsical nights and hearty dishes to warm the soul – a neo-pagan feast for Winter Solstice, or a Russian inspired ode to The Nutcracker for Christmas in July.

All of the events are spectacular value – including three courses and matched wines. Special guests include local producers, wine makers and passionate sustainability advocates.

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Booking links are below:

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La Dolce Vita – book here

Winter Solstice – book here

The Nutcracker – book here

Hansel & Gretel – book here

Rites of Spring – book here

A food forest – book here

Christmas Belles – book here

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